Find parking spot even before leaving

Ipap is a sharing parking app that will help you find quickly the best parking lot, everywhere, anytime and save you money, gas and most important time.

READY TO LEAVE? HOLD ON!!!! You know what?

You own priceless informations:

Which parking lot will be available?


When the next parking lot will be available?

When you will leave.

Where is the parking will be available?

Your current location.

Benefits of using IPAP

More parking spots

As a requester, enter your destination address and iPap will show all parking opportunities around your destination. Request a parking lot, and chat with the parking lot holder who will wait for you before leaving the parking spot. There you go! No need to drive minutes and minutes to search for a parking away from your destination, waste time, and gas....

Money saving

With iPap, you can make money by posting a parking opportunity and let other drivers request it. Choose one requester, transfer parking lot, get your money. That's it.

Time saving

Drivers spend an average of 17 hours a year searching for parking spots in US. Drivers also spend $345 in wasted time, fuel and emission according to INRIX, a US leading specialist in connected car services and transportation.